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Adult CMS Training Courses

To facilitate hands-on learning experience and knowledge sharing in the area of the content management software usage and maintenance, CMS offers its Clients special instructor-led post-implementation training courses.
The training is available for business end-users as well as Client Technical Support Team and Hosting personnel assigned to content management solution support and hosting.
The training covers the following aspects:
  Adult CMS and Marketing Engine (ad-serving application) architecture;
  Adult CMS installation and basic troubleshooting;
  Adult CMS basic administration;
  Content publishing process setup;
  Mailing list training scenario.

Auxiliary Materials: Adult CMS related documents, presentations, demo scenarios
Simulation Equipment: Demo server
Location: Customer premises
Duration: 5 days

The curriculum objectives are addressed and practiced under the direct supervision of a qualified Adult CMS specialist.
The training courses are delivered as an add-on service which is a part of the CMS Customer Support Program.
For more information on the Adult CMS training scope and extensive list of topics contact CMS using our online feedback form.