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Content Publishing, Presentaion

Customer Pain PointsRelieved Through
Rapid content management software development and deployment
 The need to put together a complete content management application based website within a short timeframe.
 A variety of sample industry specific templates delivered within the CMS Content Management suite greatly reduce the development-to-production time.
Flexible content publishing system
 The need to control the time, frequency and destinations for content updates.
 Scenario-based content publishing system;
 Enhanced pre-publishing, post-publishing scripts for content processing prior to and after the publishing;
 Transactional publishing functions for clustering environment – ability to publish content to a website hosted on multiple servers.
Multi-skin support
 The need to adapt content presentation to different target audiences, their cultural norms and peculiarities.
 A number of pre-designed templates delivered within the CMS Content Management suite ensure the presentation diversity and multiple content re-purposing, as well as provide for personalized user experience.
Multi-language support
 The need to adapt linguistic content presentation to different target audiences.
 Full UTF-8 support during content authoring;
 Multiple native encodings support for the target website;
 Easy navigation among multiple language versions of the same content.
Automated external content feeds
 The need for integrating the content with the 3rd party content providers.
 Data Transformation Service provides for the automated content feed from multiple 3rd party content providers (e.g. weather reports, currency exchange rates, hotel and show booking information, etc.).
Ability to publish partial content
 The need to perform content manipulations selectively so that the correlated content items remain unaffected.
 The user can select one or several individual files to be transformed/published without affecting the entire content scope;
 The user can impose restrictions on publishing content from selected content areas.
Transformation/publishing for several language versions at once
 The need to facilitate the multi-language content updating process.
 The user can run transformation/publishing scenario on the same content files in different website language versions.
Journal publishing
 The need for additional content management flexibility.
 The user can publish individual content instances to staging and, upon satisfactory results, publish the aggregated content updates further on to production within a single publishing operation.
WYSIWYG editor
 Extra browsing through the CMS categories in attempt to locate specific content files.
 The editor relies on the WYSIWYG concept enabling the user to select the content item and proceed to the respective data entry form right from the visual content area;
 The user can insert a full-scale image in the WYSIWYG editor thus verifying the image relevancy at the stage of content authoring.

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