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e-Business platform extended through Customer Loyalty Solution

CMS Systems announces the extension of Adult CMS, an e-business platform that also includes CMS Marketing Engine, with a service-based Customer Loyalty Solution.

CMS's Loyalty System is based on a web service model and encompasses a Portal, an Administrative Interface and a Reporting Workbench, all available over the Internet and administered by the customer from any location which supports Internet access.

Companies can quickly launch and adapt targeted affinity programs, as well as offer varying levels of rewards based on customer profiles. Additional features include tight integration with a variety of transaction back-ends and fulfillment providers. Enhanced reporting and integrated CRM capabilities are planned for subsequent releases.

The system supports all loyalty program functions including member registration, profile management, e-statements, online accrual and redemption of points through VPOS, program reporting and administration, as well as a suite of value-added features and benefits, among them:
 Flexible promotional business rules which can be tailored in order to encourage and reward the most loyal clients
 Centralized control of multiple loyalty programs geared towards multiple sites (white label programs)
 Protection against duplicate transactions
For those who recognize these benefits and would like to make them serve their marketing needs, CMS offers a service-based pricing scheme with low setup fees, thereby allowing companies of any size to move the cost of a loyalty program into the benefit stream. The standard accompanying services include initial program setup, basic branding for the web, registration, profile DB, standard e-statements, standard redemption flow with email notification and basic reporting as well as monthly technical support.

The Loyalty System benefits from the utilization of Adult CMS Branding Framework in being able to quickly and easily customize and syndicate loyalty offers and promotional content. With the addition of the Loyalty module, Adult CMS expands its already rich e-business toolkit enabling convenient content, transactions, offers, and rewards management.

"The Loyalty System is one more piece of the evolving e-business platform that we aim to provide to our customers," said Elaina Shekhter, Vice President of Business Solutions. "CMS's commitment to offering "right-fit" solutions that include software modules, services and support is furthered by our new ability to provide support for customer retention and rewards programs".

Contact CMS Consultant to learn more about Adult CMS or the service-based Customer Loyalty Solution.