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Success Stories

The First Online Full-service Storefront in the Russian Aviation Market
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Major US Air Carrier:
Improved Customer Service through ASP Membership Based Rewards Program
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The World’s Major Entertainment Destination within a Mouse Click’s Reach
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Development of Next Generation Flight Portal
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''There was a significant amount of custom, one-off development that needed to be done. We looked at several options, including both U.S. and offshore resources, before picking Princeton, N.J.-based CMS Systems Inc., along with companies in Ireland and the U.K. CMS built's content management systems, developed custom code to work with a third-party booking engine and maintains and updates the site.''

- Craig Maccubbin,
Vice President of Technology LLC


''We've had fewer time-zone issues with Minsk, despite the additional two hours of difference from Ireland and the U.K. Not only was the Minsk team more willing to adjust its working hours, but communication was easier because of CMS's project-tracking tools. Hiring CMS resulted in costs 20% to 30% less than in-house programmers and even greater savings over U.S.-based consultants.''

- Craig Maccubbin,
Vice President of Technology LLC


''The new website is our way of promoting the excitement and glamour of Las Vegas as well as to bring value to city businesses through increased profits and employment. CMS's Content Management System gives us the ability to easily update site content and integrate seamlessly with our booking engine to form the most consumer, supplier and operator friendly site in travel.''

- Peter Simon,
Senior Vice President
The Mandalay Resort Group
and Founder of Las


''Datalex is thrilled to work along with CMS and we believe that this partnership serves as a starting point for the two companies to grow together in the emerging travel space. CMS's Content Management Solution is saving travel sites implementation costs and compressing build timelines because of its ability to seamlessly integrate into Datalex's Internet booking engine.''

- Neil Beck,


''Our association with CMS has proven to be a very important step in moving our e-commerce effort forward. We now have a very versatile platform from which to build our next generation web sites, which will allow us to deliver a high degree of personalization and customized content in the future.''

- Michael Milkovich,
Sr. Director E-commerce
West Group


''CMS manages the site's content, no small task considering that there are 5,000 pages that need frequent updates. CMS is headquartered in Princeton, N.J., but most of its development work takes place in Minsk, Belarus, and in Moscow, Russia. The time difference between Las Vegas and the former Soviet Union works to the Web site's advantage: Updates can be turned around literally overnight.''

- Las Vegas takes its show on the Information Highway,
Travel Technology Update
December 17, 2002


''CMS's contribution was a flexible Content Management System that allows rapid updates of features and content while maintaining high performance and stability on the site. It implemented an automated content import and intelligence utility that serves as the hub for all external content.''

- Datalex forms partnership with offshore software firm,
Travel Technology Update
January 14, 2003


''The launch of our new online travel portal is part of an ongoing program of customer service improvements and reconfirms our commitment to making Aeromexico Latin America's leading carrier. The solution delivers significant functional Web booking capabilities to our customers and improves the efficiency of our service.''

- Augusto Fernandez Kegel,
Vice President Marketing and e-business


"CMS helped us become the first Airline in Russia to offer online booking. Our partnership not only brought us ahead of our competition, but it has allowed us to build a platform for innovation for Siberia Airlines into the future."

- Sergei Lavrentyev,
Director Corporate and Internet Sales