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Adult CMS in the Press

ComputerWorld presents Adult CMS implementation project as example of high-end development from Russia

As confirmed by the recent Aberdeen report on software development in Russia, both the US IT and not-IT industries are tapping into the technological prowess of the former Soviet Union. One of CMS's projects - the online travel service - is cited as an example of high-end development the Russian talent is capable of. See more details from ComputerWorld.


ATWOnline provides details on CMS's partnership with Datalex

CMS's partnership with Datalex, the travel and transportation technology provider, promises to prove beneficial for both the companies: CMS plans to enhance its solutions and services for the travel and transportation industry while Datalex anticipates new opportunities due to CMS's extensive engineering resources and product portfolio. See more details from ATWOnline


Travel Technology Update comments on powered by Adult CMS unites all the city has to offer, providing the most comprehensive information and search functions seen to date on a destination Web site. CMS manages the site's content, no small task considering 5,000 pages that need frequent updates. The onshore/offshore model works here to the Web site's advantage: Updates can be turned around literally overnight by CMS's specialists in its offshore development centers with the help of Adult CMS. See more details from Travel Technology Update.