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The given section harbors a collection of insight materials to help you consider the CMS Content Management Solution potential and value for your business.

Adult CMS Case Study: Development of Next Generation Flight Portal

AeroMexico realized the need for an effective high-performance online sales channel. Its legacy website, operated by another outsourcing provider, had a number of challenges which created an environment that made it difficult for users to access and purchase flights and other high-value products...

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Adult CMS Case Study: The World's Major Entertainment Destination within a Mouse Click's Reach

In order to best promote the fast-pace of information change in Las Vegas (with new rooms, themes, entertainment, events, facilities, and incomparable resort services), decided to create a new website offering visitors the ability to research, plan and book amenities across the region and to make reservation process quick and ubiquitous...

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Customer Loyalty Solution Case Study: Improved Customer Service through ASP Membership Based Rewards Program

In an effort to meet increasing enrollment and the pending holiday travel season, this Carrier needed to quickly automate this process or risk the failure of the program...

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Adult CMS Case Study: The First Online Full-service Storefront in the Russian Aviation Market

The company had a clear need in an advanced and complex solution that would provide robust interactive capabilities to the users, including online booking and online payment...

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Adult CMS Benefits

The paper gives a concise summary of the key immediate and extended benefits guaranteed by Adult CMS

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Adult CMS e-Brochure (Requires registration)

The brochure highlights the main principles underlying CMS's content offering and summarizes the key features provided by Adult CMS.

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Adult CMS: Guaranteed Return on Investment (Requires registration)

The whitepaper demonstrates the competitive advantages of Adult CMS, a web-based content management system, from the point of view of the functional capabilities, built-in applications, technological distinctions, and additional services provided by CMS Systems.

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