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Adult CMS Overview

Adult CMS provides a sound and result-oriented strategy to address your daily web content, marketing and customer loyalty management tasks through a host of customizable tools which expand Adult CMS into a full-scale e-Business platform.

Who Would Benefit?

The Adult CMS content management platform perfectly fits the needs of both medium size e-Commerce sites and content-rich websites or even portals that require extensive content updating, as well as strong internet marketing activities support.

Key Features Summary

Robust Web Content Management Tool

Adult CMS removes the complexities of content authoring, publishing and updating by a non-technical user on as big as 5,000-page websites or as voluminous as 30,000-page portals and corporate intranets.

Effective Online Marketing

You can easily organize and manage internet marketing campaigns with the help of the integrated e-Commerce tools such as online Booking Engine, Deals Management system, and Customer Loyalty solution, as well as measure their efficiency by analyzing visitors' activity and overall behavior through the Web Analytics (Reporting) tool.

Direct Access

Adult CMS is a web-based solution, which means multiple users can concurrently have a direct role-based access to the secure integrated authoring environment from geographically dispersed locations.

Intuitive User Interface

A remarkable feature of Adult CMS is the intuitive user interface which helps significantly reduce the time required for the content verification, modification, and publishing. Besides, a novice user can choose to enable a step-by-step wizard available for each role to walk him or her through the content management workflow typical of some content-heavy websites.

Enhanced Workflow

Adult CMS is designed to streamline or automate complex content management workflows in line with the business processes adopted across the enterprise.
Among the workflow enhancements is the scenario-based publishing capability with the possibility to schedule content updates for publishing at the specified time and location (to one or numerous websites).


Adult CMS runs on a number of platforms, from proprietary to open-source. It also allows for an easy integration with external systems. Besides, the system is further distinguished through the capability to manage content on multiple websites (Internet, extranet, intranet) within a single system. What is more, the CMS content management software can be further customized to meet the unique needs of your business and maximize your ROI through the offshore service delivery.

Customer Support

The Adult CMS users are offered ongoing post-implementation support and solution enhancements provided by the dedicated Support team.


To the system users and administrators CMS offers instructor-led training on Adult CMS architecture, installation, administration and troubleshooting, including detailed Client specific case studying based on the extent to which Adult CMS was customized.

Leader’s Choice

Some of the leading companies in Retail, Travel, Insurance and Healthcare industries rely on CMS's content management solutions to make the most out of the offshore content management investment when addressing their mission critical challenges.