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Content Storage and Management

Customer Pain PointsRelieved Through
Content library for centralized and classified content storage
 The necessity to keep all content classified and centralized; to manage similar content types in a single sweep for speeding up content management and for simultaneous publishing to multiple destinations.
 Comprehensible content classification for faster access;
 Efficient content re-use and enhanced content management
Full version control, archiving
 The necessity for strict content version control for its future re-use or for legal accountability, backup and disaster recovery purposes.
 A simple but powerful content management system interface for tracking changes (per item, per group, per edition) and roll-back capabilities;
 Enhanced auditing and reporting capabilities.
Customizable content management workflow with standard roles and approval hierarchies
 The need for streamlined and automated document routing, review, and approval, as well as role and task assignment.
 Decentralized content creation through a powerful easily customizable content management workflow resilient against organizational changes.
Edition management, multi-edition support
 The need for multiple website content versions management - editions - independently of the currently used website version.
 Content repository with multi-edition support;
 Integration with various external source control systems.
Content metadata management
 The necessity to locate, access and update files faster
 Content metadata management capabilities radically simplify the process of locating, accessing and changing files through specific filters, preview modes, search and grouping parameters.
Multiple files upload into web folder, copy/move between web folders
 The need to manage multiple files from a single CMS instance.
 The user can perform standard operations with multiple files (upload, delete, copy/paste from/to another location) by using the folder tree-view browser similar to that of MS Internet Explorer.
Transformed XML files and images preview using the popup file browser accessible from the data entry form
 The urge to eliminate errors due to wrong file linking or image insertion, as well as to avoid unnecessary steps for content verification.
 While entering the data in the data entry form, the user can have an on-the-fly preview of the transformed file or image to be linked to the content.
Ability to upload files via the popup file browser accessible from the data entry form
 Extra browsing to locate the relevant content-related file.
 When editing content, the user can upload the missing currently relevant files by browsing to the required location on the local disk using the CMS popup file browser.
JPEGs upload with resizing capability
 The need to insert in the content specific size JPEG images.
 The user can upload big size JPEG images which simultaneously get resized for alternative use;
 The user can resize the existing JPEG file using several resizing options.
Ability to select different views in the file browser
 The CMS customization flexibility.
 By using the folder tree-view browser similar to that of MS Internet Explorer, the user can select the preferred file presentation mode for the content items.
Email notifications of the CMS generated events
 The need to control the user activity in respect of the content modifications.
 The user receives email notifications upon each content related modification done in the CMS.
File versions comparison
 The need to identify changes in two different versions of the same file.
 The user can compare two file versions with the changes highlighted.
Adding files to "Favorites" through the CMS file browser and MS Internet Explorer
 The need to quickly and conveniently locate the frequently edited items.
 The user can add files to “Favorites” in the CMS file browser for speedy direct access to the frequently edited content items;
 The user can add the frequently edited CMS files to the MS Internet Explorer “Favorites” folder to “jump” directly to the required location.
Source content search
 The urge to provide content authors an opportunity to manage voluminous content while enabling easy navigation and accessibility.
 By assigning special meta data to the file, the user can conveniently perform file search by selected parameters;
 The integrated into Internet Explorer toolbar "Edit Item" functionality enables the user to navigate to the CMS file responsible for the given page content presentation.
Custom functionality for content manipulations using scripting. Scripts scheduling
 The CMS functional capabilities are not in line with the company's growing content management needs.
 The CMS capabilities can be enhanced without code modification;
 Possibility to schedule content related tasks.
Tabular data support inside the data entry form
 The urge to facilitate the content creation process by providing convenient environment for entering content.
 Ability to enter data using convenient tabular data view when in the data entry form.

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