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Content Authoring

Customer Pain PointsRelieved Through
Content authoring by non-IT personnel
 Lack of knowledge necessary for the non-IT personnel to handle the content authoring tasks;
 IT-professionals are distracted from resolving mission critical IT issues to handle routine content management tasks instead.
 Intuitive web-based interface for all content management functions;
 Helpful step-by-step wizards for each content management workflow within user role;
 Easy-to-use authoring/editing forms with a built-in HTML editor, spell-checking, and content localization possibility.
Multi-user authoring
 The need to balance content inputs from multiple authors with diverse professional backgrounds or contributing from dispersed geographical locations.
 Direct role-based access to the secure integrated authoring environment from geographically dispersed locations;
 Document conflicts prevention through ''record locking'', ''check-in/check-out'', ''roll-back changes'' capabilities.
Customizable content management workflow with standard roles and approval hierarchies
 The need for streamlined and automated document routing, review, and approval, as well as role and task assignment.
 Decentralized content authoring through a powerful, easily customizable workflow management resilient against organizational changes.
Preview functions for content consistency, look and feel and URL paths
 The need to verify the authored content - spelling, overall consistency, look and feel - and approve it before it goes live.
 Special 'Staging' area to preview and approve pre-published content;
 Special wizard to check consistency of content (XML content, links validation, etc.);
 Customizable content management workflow to check users' input on several levels prior to publication.
Possibility to re-use or re-purpose content
 The need to share the same content among multiple content management destinations or target user groups.
 XML based repository enables separation of content from style and business logic: documents and web pages can be generated dynamically and used in different contexts, or delivered to different user groups;
 Multiple website content management support within a single CMS instance.
Ability to export/import content for multi-language support
 The need for consistent content rendering in another foreign language;
 The need to reuse content rendered in a foreign language in another language version of the website.
 The user can view the relevant translation matches for any word in the content;
 The user can export the content for using it in another website language version. A specially implemented API provides for automatic content translation into the destination language.
Ability to check spelling for a word or entire content instance
 Produced content should be spelled correctly.
 The integrated Sentry Spelling Checker Engine provides for the automatic content proofreading capabilities.
Ability to assign a user spelling correction tasks from Spell Checker wizard
 The urge to facilitate content spelling correction.
 Based on the Spell Checker wizard generated report, Administrator can assign a task to correct content spelling by sending notification to the content author.
Possibility to make mandatory spell check before saving content in the data entry form
 Produced content should be void of spelling mistakes at the stage of content creation.
 Running a mandatory spell check before saving the entry data form ensures the content consistency.

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